Monday, April 06, 2015

CC7A Rebirth for 2015

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Happy Easter everyone!

Late in 2013, Alicia Marinache of All the Pretty Things proposed a small group of us exchange components and choose themes for a friendly design challenge, and The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists (CC7A) was born. Once a month last year, we seven designed around a component provided by one member for each month.

Wanting to keep the fun going, Alicia sent out pretty donuts in a variety of semi-precious stones in Christmas cards, with the suggestion that we use them as inspiration for a another round of designs. Unfortunately, the cards to U.S. destinations were all missing their donuts when they arrived. But everyone came up with a replacement and the challenge continues!

Mine is the pretty pink quartz on the left :)

Over the first part of 2015, I decided to overhaul my sewing/crafting/jewelry studio, which is actually a huge 14' x 16' spare room. Crammed with decades of fabric (from a part-time career as a seamstress), four sewing machines, ironing boards and presses; plus the leftovers from various other fibre arts I have enjoyed; finally everything overlaid with the material of the newest period of my crafting life: beads, beads, beads... and more beads. When Alicia's Christmas card and donut arrived, they had been matched with some other beads and carefully put aside... SOMEWHERE.

Reveal day (March 28th) found me, not only unprepared, but still searching for my missing treasure. It was only when I stopped "looking" that they mysteriously reappeared. (OK, I was actually digging for something completely unrelated LOL). So I was finally able to sit and create.

A bracelet. 

Of course :)

I actually wore it several times over the Easter weekend before remembering to get photos. April 4th, the Saturday before Easter, saw a late-season snow storm that left behind an extra foot of the white stuff. Today it is sunny so I took an extra photo in the front yard:

Yes, that is fresh white snow in the background, covering a 5' bank still lingering here in New Brunswick. 

I didn't have the waxed linen colours I wanted for my design, so my embroidery thread collection came to the rescue. It isn't as durable as the linen but super comfy and I have it in hundreds of colours. A couple of lampwork beads by Juli Cannon were a perfect match to the donut, and various Indonesian glass beads from Yukidesigns finished the project. The colours say spring even if I have to wait a few more weeks/months for the temperatures to agree :)

Here are the other members of CC7A:

Alicia Marinache (Hostess)

I think our next CC7A get-together will be April 26th, when we will be inspired by a photograph Alicia has chosen and a colour palette called "Pastel Spring". See you then!


  1. Hi Monique,
    Wow the bracelet was worth the wait it is so pretty and spring colorful. I really hope old man winter lets go soon so you can enjoy some warmer temps, beautiful flowers, and lots of green!

  2. The bracelet looks fantastic and your choice of colors divine, very, very Spring like.
    Love the fact that you improvised by using embroidery floss, proves how creative and adaptable you are. :)
    Kind of wonder what happened to the donuts - did U.S. Customs confiscate them? And if so why?

  3. Beautiful bracelet, Monique!! What a beautiful treasure of donut beads!

  4. Monique ~ this is a beautiful Fresh Spring bracelet! You made good use of your embroidery fibers. It has been a brutal winter that just won't let go. But hopefully Spring will stick this time around!
    Enjoy your bracelet and enjoy the new season :-)

  5. Oh, Monique, this is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like candy, I would want to eat it before wearing it (don't leave it on my counter, hubby will sure eat it, he almost did some of my beads once!). It surely spells S.P.R.I.N.G. and while our snow has melted, we are still eons away from the real one. Love, love your beautiful bracelet (hehe, I've used embroidery thread many times! have you tried to use your fabric leftovers? I would love to go through your collection, you must have some beauties in there) ~ thank you for participating!

  6. I love the colours, Monique. It sure says, "Spring!" to me.

  7. Pretty bracetet Monique, just my favourite colours.

  8. I know that feeling of looking for something for days, sometimes weeks - and I know I have it ... somewhere?! Glad your mystery beads showed up! what a lovely spring piece!! I love the fiber and glass together - so fresh. I hope all that white stuff is gone soon!!! I so done with this winter


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