Sunday, April 26, 2015

CC7A Reveal for April: Pastel Spring

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Yes, the Creative Continuum of Seven Artists are indeed back! Our fearless leader, Alicia Marinache of All the Pretty Things, starts things off with the whimsical colours of "Pastel Spring":

I freely admit these colours were a true challenge (yeah, the best kind). As I admitted in my laspost, I cheated by creating custom polymer clay colours. I had so very little in the way of beads in this palette. Even with newly formulated clay in hand, I remained unconvinced I would come up with something worthy. Here is my necklace:

Paired with shell pearls in baby blue and olive, smoky crystals and pewter

OK, I changed my mind. I like this after all ;) I think I was just unused to all that pastel LOL.

Now jump over to these lovely blogs and check what goodies these designers have in store for you.

You are welcome to return on May 26, when Therese Frank will inspire us with the colours of late spring in Alabama... "Tutti-Fruity". Oooh, fruit... I am feeling hungry people!


  1. so fun to see how you used the polymer cane! I thought you'd create flat beads, but you did rounds with multiple patterns - so cool! What a great piece Monique and definitely full of spring!

  2. beautiful-I am always amazed at what can be created with polymer clay

  3. Hi Monique,
    I love your necklace! Your skills with polymer clay are amazing! All your beads are uniform in size and shape and shinny like glass. Are the green beads polymer too? I am in awe of your cane work. Yes your necklace is a very beautiful "Pastel Spring" creation.

    1. Oops, it was late when I finished my text and I forgot to add info on the other components. I edited :)

  4. Beautiful, Monique! I love how you used your cane...fabulous!

  5. Gorgeous use of a very beautiful cane! I love the mix of colours (and yes, the palette was challenging - said the one who chose it!), and the mix of clay with crystals and pearls. I can definitely feel the spring in your lovely piece :)

  6. OH my Goodness this is gorgeous! The blues and the greens in the polymer and in the beads blend so well and is so soothing. That pop of pink is just the jolt that it needs to grab further attention.

  7. Oh my goodness - those beads are fabulous... and the focal just POPS! This is beautiful! I am not a pastel person either, but this could change my mind!!!!

  8. Spring is the time to try new things and I'm so glad you took the challenge! That dash of pink is just stunning in your sea of gentle pastels. Love!

  9. Pretty and unusual Monique, always surprising us.

  10. I love pastels and those beads are very pretty.
    Evalina, This and that...


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