Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 13

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For Week 13 of Katie Oskin's polymer clay challenge, I am featuring both a handmade mold (from scrap clay... Kato makes awesome molds which capture every detail); and also some resulting cabochons. They were formed inside inexpensive pendant trays so they could be made into easy pendants. However, I haven't yet decided if these will be buttons. I painted them with alcohol inks before baking.

I have a small collection of handmade molds, mostly from
interesting old buttons which had seen better days :)

Well, the long winter finally seems to be yielding bit by bit to warmer days and disappearing snowbanks (hooray!) Let's hope the green grass and early flowers are close behind!

Hope to see everyone next week for more PC creations :) 


  1. Quite the collection, Monique. You've made some wonderful molds! And wonderful buttons/beads using the molds.

  2. These are beautiful Monique! So these were made from a clay mold that you made using buttons?
    Hope it keeps warming up for you, and you get to see some pretty spring flowers. My first one bloomed the other day.

  3. Lovely, Monique, and the happy sunflowers are perfect, especially with Summer right around the corner.

  4. Pretty work as always Monique. Our weather is lovely this Easter week, sun at last.

  5. Buttons!! They look like they want to be buttons! (Or maybe I just have buttons on the brain.) They are beautiful. Molds and alcohol inks. You always give me food for thought.


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