Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 16

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For Week 15 of Katie Oskin's polymer clay challenge, I have adapted a cane design from this Cindy Lietz tutorial, which was originally for an "Easter Lily" in these colours:

Y'all know I LOVE Cindy's videos :) I chose to use another colour palette and came up with this (OK, loud and proud colours LOL):

Seriously, I am hoping once reduced a bit more I will be able to use these. I have a monthly jewelry colour challenge on Sunday which necessitates these colours and I had very little on hand, especially in the blue and pink. Custom polymer colours to the rescue!

I noticed this cane reduced unevenly, in particular the leaf area stayed relatively large in relation to the other elements (the proportions started out very close to Cindy's example in the first picture). This problem usually indicates an imbalance in consistency and/or temperatures of the different sections of clay. In this case the green was an older mix and may have been harder. Or the packing colour (blue) may have been warmer when reduced. It's one of those events difficult to predict in cane-making. But given the bright colours and playful design, I think this will still be a fun cane to use for "spring" beads :)

Hope to see everyone on Sunday!


  1. Monique, you are brave. :D
    The colors in those canes are quite bright, very daring but totally awesome. I'm willing to bet that, with your keen eye for color and design, you'll create a breathtakingly beautiful piece.

  2. That is an awesome cane, Monique!!

  3. Before I saw you might be using these for the challenge .... I was in the middle of writing up my post and hopped over to grab your URL and saw these and thought "oh! those would be perfect for this challenge!" ha, ha ... guess you were already one step ahead

  4. These colors together are just delicious! I love lots of color (and am getting the idea that you do as well)!


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