Saturday, March 22, 2014

ABS Challenge March 2014

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The Art Bead Scene challenge for March 2014 is this painting by Dietrich in the so-called Naïve art style, to me a confusing definition, but the painting itself was a source of wonderful inspiration. There are so many lovely geometric aspects here, that I actually started out with one design and completely changed it. I haven't yet given up on my first creation, but I think it needs to "ripen" a bit.

Birds On Riser, 1944 by Adolf Dietrich
Oil on wood 22.6" x 19.7"

Of course, the colourful birds are front and center in this composition, but the frame created by the window, turned on point, became a design element for me as well. I chose several recently acquired handmade elements, as well as some I depend on regularly from my small collection. Here is my necklace (which started out as a bracelet):

Detail of polymer clay, lampwork and ceramic beads

Polymer clay Natasha bead by Alenka Obid 
Pale orange speckled stoneware clay beads by Ingrid Mueller, Potterygirl1; 
Lampwork minis by Julie Burgard, Indian Creek Art Glass (Outwest).
Coconut wood long beads from AnnyMay.

Detail of lampwork and  enameled clasp

Lampwork by Amy Hall, Two Glassy Ladies;
Clasp by Kristen Varian, BeadSwedeSupplies;
Uniquely hand-dyed tubular viscose ribbon by Lorraine Stobie, ColourComplements.

In February, I ordered some enameled clasps from Kristen, and I was so impressed when I received them that I asked Kristen to make me a custom order of bird clasps, in that lovely blended colour method she does so well. She sent me this photo for approval:

Of course, I wanted them all! This was March 3rd, just two days before the ABS inspiration painting was posted. I have decided Kristen is a little psychic :) I have also sent one of her birdies to my Bead Soup Party partner.

Detail of focal: coconut wood tube beads woven on wire,
with dangles of pale orange speckled stoneware beads,
Greek ceramic rounds, and polymer clay feathers.

Ceramic beads by Ingrid Mueller, Potterygirl1;
Coconut wood and wire window frame, polymer clay feathers by yours truly, feather cane from a design by Donna Kato.

I enjoyed designing from this month's inspiration painting. Make sure to check the ABS flickr page to see how others have interpreted this charming work.


  1. Beautiful necklace. Great design for the painting. Love the bird toggles and your feather beads.

  2. Great interpretation of the art work (which I quite like). The window pane design using the wood tubes is very clever.
    Love the feather beads you made and the enameled bird clasp by BeadSwede.

  3. Hi Monique,
    Beautiful necklace. I love all the different elements you used to bring your interpretation of the painting to life.

  4. I wonder why I wasn´t your reader before....
    Nice challenge. What a beautiful and interesting necklace you have created.

  5. This is a beautiful necklace, a unique interpretation of the painting!

  6. Love all the elements in this necklace Monique. Thanks so much for mentioning my shop once again and must admit, the tubular ribbon looks great! :). Really love the bird clasps....

  7. Love your design! So unique and beautiful! Thanks for the backlink! :)

  8. Love the design on this piece, it is truly amazing!

  9. OMG! That is so creative with the window frame u made.
    I love this necklace, with the cute birdie toggle! :)


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